In a Pinch

While you are out in a Yukata, you suddenly realize that the Obi has been loose; the Yukata has become untidy, and so forth. For such a scenario, you should remember how to fix it in the meanwhile.


Tuck the hem of Yukata in order into the Obi so that it will not disturb you.Be sure to put down the hem in place when you go out from the toilet.

Pain by Geta

Unless you are used to put Geta on, you may get a blister on the part the Geta strap put.
Choose Geta with fat strap. When you feel sore on feet, put a band-aid between toes.

When Collar Becomes Loose

Pull the collar of Shitamae by the left hand from the Miyatsuguchi. Pull the Uwamae below the Obi.

When Obi Comes Down

Fold a small towel and tuck it from under the Obi in the back.

When Emon Becomes Puckering

Pull the Senui of the Ohashori from under the Obi.

When Hem Falls

Pull the end of collar of the Shitamae first and the Uwamae above the Koshihimo sash.
If you can't fix it that way, pull up the hem and secure it with a safety-pin under the Obi.

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