Prepare for Yukata


You are apt to forget about a bag. It is nice to carry a bag in Japanese taste.

a bag

Points to chose a bag

Generally a Kinchaku, a drawstring bag, and a Kago, a basket, go with Yukata. But they are not easy to handle unless you are used to.

A Kinchaku, especially, is hung by strings drawn to close the opening of the bag that means you have to tie a bowknot every time to hang it. Don't you find it troublesome to do so every time you get your wallet or handkerchief out of the bag? Therefore, it is more convenient to use a bag with a handle.

Examples of bags (shown above)

Regarding a photo above, a striped Kinchaku with dragonflies and a purple Kinchaku have handles.

Also, a Kago set in a Kinchaku is good because it doesn't fully expose inside.
The bag in the left is retro-flavored.
In the middle, the one like a gold fish we bought at a flea market is made by hand. The bag doesn't contain so much. You can put on the shoulder like a pochette.

A bag should be selected according to the common color of the Yukata, Obi and Geta.
A fancy bag with beads or embroidery looks nice with Yukata.

Multiple uses

Not only exclusively for Yukata, but also you can find a bag for everyday use. For example, one made of natural materials, a textile bag with a bamboo handle, an enamel bag, etc., can be coordinated with Yukata. People also carry a big bag nowadays.
When you buy a bag for summer, choose one can be used with Yukata.
It may be as well to use such a bag.

Men's bags

Men are supposed to use cloth pouches (Shingen-bukuro) usually but such people can not be seen actually. The bag is as simple as Kinchaku to close the opening by holding the strings.

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