Dressing Yukata

Yukata: Japanese simple summer kimono

What is Yukata?

Yukata literary means‘bath cloth'. There are two types of Yukata and you should know the difference before you go out with them..

You can find a simpler type of Yukata in Japanese traditional inns, onsen (hot spring) hotels or even in many of modern business hotels in Japan. And what you find in these inns/hotels are real bath clothes. It is OK to wear them in inn/hotel buildings and surrounding areas.

The Yukata introduced in this web site is more formal. It is rather a simple form of Kimono then bath clothese, designed especially for summer seasons. Many Jpanaese people love Yukata when they enjoy summer festivals.

Easy to put on Yukata!

Who say "Love to debut with Yukata this summer but don't know how to wear it?" It is quite easy to put on Yukata. You will be able to wear it by yourself without going to kimono-wearing class if you get the knack of it.

Benefits of learning how to dress Yukata

Dressing Yukata is basic technique for dressing Kimono. It pays to know how to dress it. You should also not be worried anymore even if Yukata comes undone on an outing as you would be able to fix it by yourself in secret. Here, we would like to illustrate a simple way of dressing Yukata with a minimum required setup.

Having only Yukata and Obi?
That's not enough to wear them.

What is necessary for dressing Yukata.

First of all, prepare what is needed. You can find a 'Yukata dressing basic set' includingunderwear, belts, Date-obi, etc. which costs about 3000 Yen. If you do not have anything but only Yukata, this set may help you to save your money.

Tips for when you get the basic set

There is a variety of basic sets ranging from cheap to expensive though, it is not necessary to invest too much money on it as it is only underwear after all. It is enough if it includes underwear for Yukata, two waist strings, a Korin-belt that is a rubber string with clips on both ends, and a Date-jime.

When you wear Yukata, if you use Obi-ita and other accessories, those help indeed to maintain the shape of the Yukata nice and tidy. However, these become cumbers when you try to fix your Yukata. Actually it is hot to wrap this and that around yourself. Make life simple.

What is necessary to dress Yukata minimum


Obi for Yukata
Japanese wooden clogs Sandals are OK
Hand bag for Yukata


Waist string
Korin-belt also known as a one-touch belt
Date-jime sticks with hook and loop fastener



Underwear for Yukata



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