Aftercare for Yukata

How to Fold the Yukata (Illustration)

A general manner of folding the Yukata.
After the season, when you put the Yukata away in the chest of drawers, fold it like the manner following.

1. Put the bottom of the Yukata to your right, the top to your left, and unruffle it on the floor.
Fold the Yukata along the line of the side.
2. Fold the front panel outward along the Okumi-line.
Fold the back collar inward.

3. Put the collar of upper side over the collar of the downside.
Don't worry about baggy front body.
4. Put the upper side Okumi over the downside Okumi. Put from the hem to the collar.

5. Hold the side line of the Uwamae, pull it to put over the side line of Shitamae.
Put from the hem to the collar.
To overlap totally, take creases and straighten.
6. Fold back the upper sleeve at the line of sleeve seam.

7. Hold the hem and fold the body in half.
Make a good crease below the collar ends.

8. Hold the Yukata firmly, turn it up without messing it up, and turn the remaining sleeve.

9. Put it away in this shape.  
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