Dressing Kids' Yukata

Before dressing Yukata

Items for preparation

Yukata, Sanjaku-obi, Underwear (tank top etc.), Geta (Japanese wooden clogs, or sandals), Hair accessory, if necessary..

Preparation for dressing

Put the Yukata on a hanger a day ahead and check if it gets wrinkled.

Drape the Yukata on your kid, and check the length of the Yukata just above ankle. See "How to alter the Yukata".

Dressing Kids' Yukata

Obi for Kid's kimono

TieHeko-obi like Bunko-musubi.
It's cute to arrange the knot

Point of Obi-musubi

When you tie Bunko-musubi with Heko-obi, it often hang loose because of softness of Heko-obi. Put a towel or handkerchief under a ribbon to make a shape looking good.

Start dressing kid's yukata

It's easy dressing kid's yukata. Let's start.
Ask your kid to stand on the floor with one's feet shoulder-width apart, and to try to keep still.

1. Begin with putting Yukata on your kid, and adjust the Senui to come to the center of the back. 2. Hold the panels together in front to cover under the throat.

3. Cross the string behind, bring the end to the front. 4. Tie the both strings.
It is OK to make a bowknot and put the remaining under the Waist string.

5. Cross the both end of the string to the opposite direction and put under the waist string.
You don't need to tie the string tight.
6. Next to tie the Obi. Put the center of Sanjaku-obi. Cross the obi behind and bring the both ends to the front. And bring to the back again, then make ribbon-tie.
Make the knot tightly to avoid undone.

7. When you make up the size of ribbon, larger size for girl and smaller for boy.
The photo shows Bunko-musubi with Heko-obi.
8. Make up the shape of Obi in front.

Ask your kid comfortable or not.
If not, it's finished.
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