How to Put Away Yukata for Kids

How to Put Away Yukata for Kids

After the season, let out a tuck of the Yukata for next year as it is not likely to use it in the same size.

Letting out a tuck of the Yukata, wash it at home or send it to the laundry.

How to Wash at Home

1. Check the Yukata made of cotton. Fold the Yukata and soak it in water with soap for washing hands. Wash gently.

*If there is a stain, wash the area lightly by hand.

2. Once washed, rinse the yukata with water. Change the water several times.

3. After rinse, put the folded yukata in a net, and spin-dry lightly for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. After the spin-dry, shape the Yukata to put a Japanes hanger. Smooth out the wash by clapping it with hands and dry in the shade.

5. You can also starch the Yukata and iron it by medium temperature to make it cracking look.

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