Day out in Yukata

It's a day out in Yukata, finally.
Finish your nail polish and pedicure in advance. Nothing good happens in haste. It's also worth caring for your heel by rubbing with pumice for a week.

Notes on Dressing Yourself

Set your hair before dressing not to spoil your Yukata by hair wax. Makeup also. Just be careful not smudge your Yukata with foundation while wearing it.

Hair Style

Arrange your hair to show your neckline as much as possible.
Young ladies should pull their hair up as high as extended line connecting their chin and ear, tie the hair, and arrange it shaggy making curls at the end. Obviously, use hair wax for the tip of hair or it becomes just bushy.

Recent Trend

Recently, people do their hair nice. It is the nowadays style to make it slightly loose.

A big corsage helps to dress you up easily. It is a handy outstanding item to put on the Obi, collar, etc.

Add a Sense of Fun, Express Yourself

Put gorgeous hair accessories for a playful touch.


About Makeup

The basic is the natural makeup.
Don't wear a lot of make up to make you look older.
You already look grown-up in Yukata.


You should care fore your toes in the wooden clogs (Geta).
Make your toes colored distinctly. Match the color with the Geta strap.


Moderately. In contrast, the color of Yukata is bright.

What to Carry

A handkerchief, tissue paper, wallet, band-aids, safety-pins, folding fan or paper fan,
Facial oil blotting paper, plastic bags, wet tissue. You may also need your mobile phone.

Drawstring Bag (Kinchaku)

Most of the bags for yukata are small. You can't carry everything but minimum.


Put it in a sleeve of your Yukata. It is advisable to have a small handkerchief to wipe your hands and dry the sweat, and big one to put over your lap like a napkin when you eat.

Folding Fan

It becomes an accessory by tucking in the Obi.


Generally, you don't wear it in a Kimono. However, if you need to know the time, you can wear a wristwatch.

Small Accessories

Japanese Socks (Tabi)

In general, you do not put it in Yukata but some people do as a fashion. In the last summer festival, I was surprised to see a person wearing black fishnet tights in Yukata.
She wore men's Heko-obi and remarkable false eyelashes. It is an idea to wear tabis or tights when you anticipate that your feet may be chilled by air-conditioner.
This year, you can find a variety of socks shaped like Tabi, which is handy to use.

Obi-jime, Obi-dome, Obi-kazari

As an accent of a simple Obi, it is nice to put an Obi-dome like a brooch on a thin Obi-jime.
Pass the Obi-jime through the Obi-dome to fix in the front and tie it in the back or side.
You can use a Japanese hair stick (Kanzashi) as an Obi-kazari. It is just to tuck in the Obi. Be careful not to loose it somewhere.


When you are in Yukata, behave in an affected manner and try to show yourself more attractive with feminine gesture.

How to Walk

Walk with a pigeon-toed gait, small steps, and keep your back straight. Mind your back as you have an Obi which easily becomes loose by pushing.

How to put your hand up

Put the hand to the sleeve to prevent it showing the arm.

How to move down the Steps

Lift the hem slightly up, step down with your body faces to sideling.

In case of Rain

Walk with a pigeon-toed gait and small steps not to splash the water.

Get on and off the car

When you get on, put your bottom on the seat first and set in your feet together.
Since the Obi becomes loose easily, don't lean against the back of the seat.
When you get off, put your feet out, and head, and stand up.

When you sit on the chair

Mind of your Obi and try not to lean against the back of the chair.

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