Aftercare for Yukata

How to care for Yukata

If you will wear the Yukata again soon, put it on a hanger, mist with water, and dry overnight.

After drinking and eating

If you eat or drink in Yukata, you should check your Yukata afterward. If it got a stain, put the area over a towel and pat the stain with a wet towel. The stain will be absorbed to the dried towel underlain. Gradate around the stain.

Smooth out the obi, put it on a hanger overnight to drain moisture and body heat.

About the Obi

Make a Tesaki at the same place of the Obi always. Otherwise it gets unnecessary wrinkles to spoil a beautiful bow.

Washing the Yukata

Wash the Yukata after the season. Unless it is an extremely high-quality article or rare material, you can wash at home.

Regarding the Obi made of silk in order to keep a good silhouette, it is not recommended to wash at home. If it shows dirt, pat it with a towel wrung out of water. Dry it in the shade. After dried completely, put it away.

If you do not want to be worried or annoyed, bring your Yukata to a laundry. If you find a stain, tell them where.

How to Wash the Yukata at Home

1. Check the Yukata made of cotton. Fold the Yukata and soak it in water with soap for washing hands. Wash gently. *If there is a stain, wash the area lightly by hand.

2. Once washed, rinse the Yukata with water. Change the water several times.

3. After rinse, put the folded Yukata in a net, and spin-dry lightly for 30 to 60 seconds.

4. After the spin-dry, shape the Yukata to put a Japanese hanger. Smooth out the wash by clapping it with hands and dry in the shade.

5. You can also starch the Yukata and iron it by medium temperature to make it cracking look.

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