Men's Yukata

Men's Yukata specificity

Dressing men's Yukata is easier than women's because of no Ohashori (adjustment of height of yukata) and no Emon-nuki (collar arrangement for women).

So when you buy your Yukata, it is necessary to fit the height of yukata and length of sleeves. The height of Yukata is just on the ankle. Bit shorter is smarter than longer size.

Obi for man's yukata

Heko-obi is easy to wear. My junior high boy can wear it by himself.
A young guy I saw in a train recently, he tie the Kaku-obi tightly around his hipbone with a bow knot in front. But it was cool. Any arrangement is OK with stylish way of dressing.

Men's yukata in fasion

Men's yukata was modest and reserved with dark color (black, gray, dark blue) and small print pattern.

Somber color but distinctive-looking yukata (with dragon, bat, skull and spider design) have released recently.
If you want to distinguish your self, try these new trend yukata.

What is necessary


Check the height of yukata and length of sleeves.

Recommended Designer's Yukata

tsumori chisato

The humorous illustration, like bats robots, gourds, etc., on check pattern or splashed pattern. Pop design in chic Edo taste.


Bring the Japanese taste into the design, but it has oriental image. It's elegant and adult mood. Bold design with big illustration on back, it's like a T-shirt style.


Classic design with simple stripe or splashed pattern. Regardless of age and time. Sophisticated color and design in simple style, it is true to their reputation.

Obi (Heko-obi or Kaku-obi)

Heko-obi is made of soft texture with pattern and casual taste. Easy to tie.

Kaku-obi is similar women's Hanhaba-obi and narrower than it. Knot style of Kaku-obi tie tightly like Kai-no-kuchi for merchant, Edo craftsman style, Samurai's casual style and so on.


It's cool to wear yukata with genuine Geta, but sandals is popular now a days.


Athlete shirt fit for yukata.
And boxer type pants or drawers are suited to yukata.


Do you wonder how men carry things when they wear a yukata.

Shingen-bukuro or Gassai-bukuro (purse) is used for yukata.

You can slip some money in between your obi or sleeve, but you have to take extra care to them.

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