Prepare for Yukata


What is the points to choose Geta?

Speaking of Yukata, you want to wear Geta. But it is not always comfortable to walk on it unless you are used to.

What kind of Geta do you have to choose?

A thick Geta thong "Hanao" doesn't hurt your toe.

You can choose a Geta by the color of a thong for the same color of Yukata. Also, it is nice to coordinate a brilliant color of thong to a conservative color of Yukata.

The finish of Geta is plain wood or lacquering.

Types of Geta's form

The form of Geta is various. There is a type of sandals, a sandal with hollowed sole like Geta, a type attached with the two supporting pieces (teeth) below.

Although it is stylish to walk making clacking sound with teeth, it is not easy to do so for a beginner.

For a beginner, Geta, which is rubber-soled, with a carved base-board to fit a foot and low heel is comfortable.

If you are going out in the evening….

For the evening, it is fine to put on sandals such as mules. If you walk a long distance, it is better to wear comfortable footwear. Specially, kids can walk easily on sport sandals.

Handle the plain wood Geta

Not to leave footprints on Geta of plain wood, wipe it after use with a wrung cloth.

The Price of Geta

Starting from 1,000yen up to very expensive. Try them on as much as possible before buying.

If thong hurts your toe

Put a band-aid between fingers in advance.

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