Prepare for Yukata


About the price of Yukata

When we say Yukata, it runs the gamut in the price. You can buy a set at a price of 3,000 yen at UNIQLO.Meanwhile, it costs 30,000 yen in fabric alone and 50,000 yen by tailoring.

A high-end type is the Shibori Yukata.

What makes the price different is, as the material is cotton after all (A high-end Yukata is made of hemp. Polyester is also popular recently), if dyeing or sewing is done by hand or machine, mass-produced or order made, brand-name or non-brand-name, etc.

For successful purchase of Yukata

For a beginner if you like the pattern, it is fine to buy Yukata at a decent price. You try on Yukata casually also for a practice.

A recent Yukata made of polyester is a little expensive but convenient as it is quick-drying and ironing-free after washed.

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