Prepare for Yukata

Items for Yukata

You can arrange your Yukata as you like.
Before Yukata used to be coordinated with a Hanhaba-obi only, but these days, like a summer kimono, you can use an Obi-jime, an Obi-dome, a Han-eri, Tabi etc. BR> to go out in Sunday cloths.<

However, lace, a Han-eri (a spare collar), Tabi (traditional socks), an Obi-dome (a backle of obi) and an Obi-jime (a cord to bind the obi) are items for the experienced people.
̓It is OK to wear in ready-made coordination but it is risky for a beginner to choose an item.
In that respect, it is easy to use a corsage, an Obi-kazari, a fan etc. that match anything.


You can put a corsage on your hair or Obi. It is easy to use to make modern fashion.


To make Yukata Taisho roman fasion, sew a lace inside of the collar like a Han-eri and show it as if layered. You can find Tabi and Obi made of lace.

܂Also, there are items like arm covers to offer a glimpse of lace from the cuffs.


When you wear kimono, you put a Han-eri on Nagajuban, underwear of Kimono. For Yukata, you sew it directly on Yukata. It is fancy to add a decorative touch in the collar.


Normally Tabi are not necessary for Yukata but you better have a pair in case you dress Yukata as your Sunday best.
Colored Tabi are good to be casual rather than white.

If you anticipate your feet to be chilled by air-conditioner, you better put on Tabi. It is handy to use socks look like Tabi.

Obi-jime and Obi-dome

Traditional Obi-jime either Obi-dome are not used on Yukata though, you can use them as accessories. To make a simple obi decorative, put a pretty Obi-dome like a brooch on a thin Obi-jime. You can use a brooch instead of an Obi-dome.


It is an accessory to put in an obi to hang. You can apply Kanzashi to Obi-kazari. There are several type of Obi-kazari like design with beads or flower design.

Items to put in the Obi

For such item, Sensu, Japanese folding fan, is practical.
To go at night to a festival or a fireworks display, a fancy Uchiwa, a round paper fan, appear attractive.

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