Men's Yukata


About Kaku-obi

In the good old days, tie an obi for men's Yukata means a Kaku-obi.
A Kaku-obi can be tied the same as women's Kaino-kuchi.


Put a front part of Obi lower than the back for manly style. Shift the knot of Obi from the center of your back.

Let's transform yourself into smart and stylish guy!

How to tie Kaku-obi
How to tie Kaku-obi
1. Fold the 30cm length from the end of the Kaku-obi in half to make a Tesaki.
Then hold it (its opening should face toward you)
2. Put on the Kaku-obi. You may wrap 3 times, but it is different among individuals.

How to tie Kaku-obi
How to tie Kaku-obi
3. Keep the tare as long as the arm, fold in the remaining to inside.
4. Put the Tesaki down, and cover it with the Tare.
Pull the Obi to tighten.

How to tie Kaku-obi
How to tie Kaku-obi
5. Pull the Tare and Tesaki vertically. 6. Put down the Tare and fold it inside to make pentagon shape.
Then put the Tesaki into the loop of Tare.

How to tie Kaku-obi
How to tie Kaku-obi
7. Pull tightly, not to come loose.
Hold the Obi firmly not to spoil the shape of it.
Then adjust the shape.
(If it is difficult to understand, check Kaino-kuchi for women.)
 8. Rotate it clockwise to move the knot on your back.
Position of the knot should be slightly right of the center of your Back.
It is finished.
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